Saturday, April 22, 2017

Home Is Where The Family Gathers

 Sunday we had a family dinner.  
We have family dinners every once it a while, but this time since it was Easter, everyone was dressed up and Lorene commandeered the picture taking.  
We haven't had anything resembling a family photo for a very long time.  Since we had no way of taking pictures with a remote trigger we settled with these two poses and I like what we got. 

I like this one, too.  You can see who is the star of the show.

It was a perfect day, weather-wise and people-wise. Not too cold, not to hot, beautiful sunshine and no wind.  

We did enjoy a few inside things as well. 

New chicks!!

Pretty Paislee

All the Grands.


Dodie said...

so so fun to see these pictures!!!!

Anita said...

I missed a few posts when I didn't even look at my feed reader for over a month. Such nice pix!