Sunday, April 16, 2017

Memories--Making New Ones, Visiting Old Ones

Paislee Photo of the Week

I know I've done a post about this doll house before.
These are better photos because I am in it.  Ha!
The lighting is better since they are taken in Lorene's house upstairs where there was plenty of light.  
I loved this Barbie doll house.  
I still do, obviously, because I am still taking photos of it.
I love it because my dad built it.  
I love it because I watched my dad build it.  
I love it because in it's original state it, it was made with painstaking care.  It is in good shape considering the third generation is playing with it now.  The doors have hinges and door knobs.
There are clothes rods in the closets.  Each room is painted and carpeted in different colors. When Dad made it the windows had panes and thin plastic 'glass'.  
That lasted until my kids played with it. 
Lorene was the one who played with the Barbie dolls and for many years a new Barbie doll set was her birthday present so there is about every household item you can think of to play with.
Some of the things are left over from my Barbie days, but not very many.  
I think these boys have the most fun in setting up the house.   
I like to see them playing with it.  

The photos are for me.

Back door.

Front door.

We celebrated Jim's birthday a couple of days early.  My folks came to visit.  We had Nathan's family over for lunch and we went to Lorene's for supper.  

Great Grandma

These feet are made for walking!  
It won't be long now. 

Paislee is chewing away on things, but no sign of teeth yet.  
Nathan didn't get teeth until he was 10 months old or so. 

Happy Birthday!

And we have new chicks. 


Renee said...

What a sweet sweet post, and I love the picture of Aunt Linda!!

Anita said...

My grandparents had a big doll house that was just magical for us kids. It's fantastic that this one is still in such good condition!