Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Small Taste

I haven't blogged much lately.
Maybe you noticed.

Of course, Jim and I have been working like mad getting the outside ready and I've had the added chore of getting the inside ready.  The Monday before the wedding was the day I decided that what was done was done and what wasn't done wasn't going to get done.  
This was AFTER the bungled bridesmaid dress was fixed, the curtains for the arch made and the wedding dress picked up,
I spent the next few days organizing what was going to happen when the hordes descended.
There was still a last minute shopping expedition with the bride and the last organization lists made and posted.
Thursday my folks came, my brothers and a nephew came, my sister-in-law came, the Troyer women came.
We had another Indiana contingent come in on Friday, including Anthony's dad. 
That bunch took care of all the decorations, displays and favors while the non-Indiana group took care of final outside cleaning, shopping, food prep and inside jobs. I had an enormous list posted from top to bottom on the side of the fridge and Dorothy just worked her way down it. 
Saturday morning, of course, is when the fat hit the fire and Dorothy and Mom+ took command, mixing the chicken salad, chopping fruit and making these cute little mini kabobs with tomato, spinach, cheese, olive and bread in various configurations, that were the hit of the show. 
The photographer came at three and then else had to be done without me.  There was the dressing of the wedding party girls up, boys down with photos.  Then there was the dressing of the rest of the family in my bedroom.  
There was a rehearsal on Friday with all significant participators so we we would ready for this day.  Due to a misunderstanding about the rented hall, I missed the rehearsal which was fine with me because it was slow getting started and everyone was getting antsy, including me.  After all there were four children expected to take part, ages 8, 5, 4, and 11 months.
Back to the wedding: It started at 5:00 and a very dear friend was the officiant.  Lynette and Anthony had the ceremony all written up for him and they each prepared a page for their own vows.  We gathered under a little tent, just south of our barn to hide the bride and her attendants and those of us who were to proceed the bride. 
The groom was behind the tent so he wouldn't see the bride.
The ceremony took place in a nicely mowed spot south of our barn with a wooden arch set in from of the 7 rows of rented white chairs with an aisle in the middle. (The farmer across the way kindly shut down hsi pivot for the day.)
As those of us lesser participants gathered in the tent we noticed the rose petals that were supposed to be scattered in the aisle were still residing in their respective boxes.  Someone, I believe the mother of the groom noticed and spread them out as we were waiting for Jim to bring the bridal party, at least the feminine portion of it down in the PT.
THEN, the show begins.  
My son walked me rather unwillingly up the aisle, then Anthony and his mother, then the bridesmaids and groomsmen.  
And here is what we've all been waiting for:
Zane walking perfectly down aisle just ahead of Barry and Christian who, holding Paislee's hands walked down the aisle looking adorable in gray shorts, white shirts with suspenders and a blue 
bow-tie. We were all  uncertain what Paislee would think of all this but she walked perfectly down the aisle with them also looking adorable in a frilly white dress with white sandals. Jim and Lynette were next, after Lorene, of course. They wrote their own ceremony, "We are gathered here, etc." and their own vows. Jon prayer.  It was a very moving ceremony and many (including me) had tears in their eyes.
After the ceremony the family gathered for photographs while a select few marshaled the food to order and "the party came in" as someone said in Little Women. There was food and cake and speeches and fun and games and laughter and sentiment. As the evening waned, the lawn games were abandoned, people were leaving, and the bridal couple were waved on their way with ribbon wands topped with not-functioning bells. 
There were gone, on their way to Maine and the family was left to clean up the mess from a wonderful day. 

It all went so well, in great part because everyone did their job and didn't interfere with anyone else's.


Maxine J said...

A lovely review of the day! I'm so glad I got to have a little peek at it in person. All looked lovely!

Dan & Cyndie said...

It was the loveliest of days & the sweetest of weddings...and yes, tear in the eyes at several moments. Thanks so much for including us,

Renee said...

What a simply beautiful, lovely, sweet couple and the wedding reception that was perfectly the same. It was wonderful to share in their/your happiness. I loved reading your account of the details and such of the days preceding, and the day of!!

Doro said...

Thanks for the small taste! I'll be ready for a "large helping" of pictures when you get around to it!! It really was a lovely day!

Anita said...

I missed seeing them by hours! They had supper with Auntie B several hours before she picked me up at the airport!