Friday, August 18, 2017

Special Days

This is not a post with wedding photos.  
I assume they are being edited at the moment, and as much money and Lynette spent on her photographer it better be worth the wait!

This post is about some of the other non-wedding related events that happened in the first half of the month.  

Corn Day

Boy Day

Girl Day

Cousin Day

Zoo Day
(for them, not me, but it's nice to have a family photo)

Birth Day

Back to School Day

Now a few more photos with notes.

Here's Paislee with her cute little cake.

And here she is folding it. 

Paislee was only interested in smearing frosting all over herself so the little boys at the party got to open her gifts.  It was supposed to be done decently and in order, and Zane did try to help the party etiquette along by trying to show each present he opened, but people weren't listening.  It may have been too many presents too fast or perhaps a frosted child is more interesting. 

Frosted Papa. 

I think Zane loves his little cousin.

And I love the photo.  

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