Wednesday, March 24, 2010

An Outside Kind of Day

Zane and I were having an afternoon exercise tour around the place the other day, when it hit me that is was good picture taking weather. This of course, happened after about half our time to be outdoors was gone, and he was running around being so cute that he might be out of outdoor cuteness for the day.

I think I need to wear my camera around my neck. But, since I don't even know where my cell phone is all the time, I don't think that is going to happen either.

So, I raced inside to get my camera, and we started our trek over. I took LOTS of pictures in search of the one great one, which I got later, but I also got some cute enough pictures of what our place looks like in March with Zane in it.

Zane, at so close to 15 months we'll just call it that.

A good walker.

Practicing going down the steps with no support.

Oops, it must be easier this way!

He can kick a ball.

Very good balance.

Cute face.

Oh, please excuse me, while I rock and cuddle this boy. He's taken to wanting a couple of minutes of cuddle time in the afternoon.

Up the stairs WITH support.

And the way it's always done.

Looking over our property. Especially the place he wants to be, down by the cows.

It's easy to climb on chairs.

Out in the back, just looking around.

By the shop, couldn't get this door open.

Oh, look, the kitty is joining us.

Peek-a-boo! No cows in here.

And HERE is the great one.

Talking to Charlie.
This one is pretty cute, too.


The J's said...

Oh! I LOVE that one "the great one" too! How cute! You got alot of fun ones that show his personality well!

gkey said...

Dear Outdoor-loving-gr'ma of Zane,
You two had a fine time I can see that!
I am enjoying seeing how much difference a year made, he's EVERYWHERE now!

love,your friend....
the Nana who is seeing it goes just as fast the 2nd time around.

Judy Cronk said...

These are wonderful pictures-great memories!

gkey said...

I would strongly encourage you to make this into a actual little book for Zane. Talk to R. about the ones she has done, and also the little one that Lu made for Jax years ago. It would be a treasure! Hardcover is best for little people of course.
always wanting the pages to hold and see and share again and again.

Njos Family said...

Those are soo darling. Zane looks right at home in the great outdoors.