Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Desserts

Lynette is learning how to cook, and she is also learning how to make her food look nice.

This is a very nice mulberry shortcake, served in her great-great grandma Bennett's sauce dish. I only have 5 of them, and they are used only on very special occasions, like mulberry shortcake days.

We found some "mini-bananas" at the store so Lynette made a "mini-banana" split, with the ice cream dips made with a cookie scoop.

Cute little bananas.

One small banana split served on one of Thelma Holmes' depression glass sauce dishes.


Njos Family said...

How fun Lynette, I like to make food look fancy when I have the time. Desserts are especially fun.

gkey said...

to the fanciful-foodie,
What fun! presentation is 1/2 the enchantment isn't it?
The special dishes are lovely dressed up with these desserts to compliment them!
One who enjoys the way it all looks AND tastes.

The J's said...

I like it to look nice too!
One of the best things my mom encouraged in me, was my desire to learn to cook when I was around 7th grade! Home Ec was my favorite class, & I loved learning to set a table properly too! I'm still picky about that....just ask my kids!!