Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wisconsin Cheese Head

On top of spaghetti-eeeee, all covered with cheeeeze....

I found my poor Zane boy... ( is everybody singing along now!!)


he poured a little bowl of cheese powder all over himself.

And the floor.

Now, why was a little bowl of cheese powder on the counter where Zane can get it? You can wonder all day long, but how am I supposed to know this until the first time he can reach on to the counter over far enough to grab things. He has moved up to a new level.

I guess I should have known since he can throw things into the sink.

As to why the cheese powder was there in the first place...

Lynette likes macaroni and cheese and if you buy the boxed mixes on sale for 50 cents each, you have a cheap after school snack. And, you can make it even cheaper if you divide it up into 4 individual servings so it all gets eaten and none gets into the fridge to mold, although I'm not sure this mac-n-cheese will ever mold, since it probably just artfully created preservatives made to look like macaroni and cheese looking powder.

She likes it FRESH, not left over. So, she figured out how much macaroni, cheese, milk and butter she needed to make a 1/4 of a batch, put the mac in ziploc (is that a generic term yet, or will I be subject to trademark infringement?) bags, and the cheese in a throwaway little bowl with lid, that I use over and over again.

I'm so proud, she's learning her tightwad, errr, economical ways from me.

So, I didn't get the lid on in time!! So I turned my back for half a second while Zane was in the kitchen!!! So, sue me!

And to think, he won't even eat macaroni and cheese!


The J's said...

haha!! Oh well, it made some great pictures!

Lynisha said...

He won't eat Mac & Cheese??? What a crazy kid! It's so shocking to realize for the first time that a little one can reach something that not long ago they couldn't!

The J's said...

Oh yeah, and I'm still chuckling over your title--what a good one!