Thursday, March 11, 2010

He's Watching Me!

Zane loves blankies, especially his fleece ones.

He doesn't seem to mind carrying around the very biggest one, even though he trips over it every other step, going upstairs or through the living room.

When he wants it, he will go to his playpen in the "napping room", and "ask" to be put in, grabs his blankie, and then wants right back out.

It's cute.

He likes my afghan projects, too. I've been working hard to get this one finished so he's seen me working on it everyday. I don't think it's so very soft to cuddle up with, but he does a little bit, but the funniest part was the day he decided to crochet.

Zane isn't very old, he's only 14 months old. He looks a lot bigger and in some ways acts a lot older than he is. But, he is watching us, he does what we do, and he understands what we say and will do it sometimes.

I knew this when I my children were little, and I am learning it again. If I want to know how I act and what I do, just watch the little ones. They are learning everyday and they are learning from me.

What is so sweet at this age is the response to our requests. We say, "pick up the book" and he will, or "throw that in the trash" and he does. Later I guess when toddlers are a little older with a little more knowledge or reasoning power, they figure they have a choice and have to be made to obey.

Oh, to be more childlike.


Lynisha said...

that is SO cute and a very good lesson too!

gkey said...

To the Gran-mommy,
I wonder if we just know a wee bit more as 'grans' to really watch and learn from them this 2nd time around.
Those are a very cute set of photos. I think you need to make a darling scrap book page of this post. Then remember to show me!
another 'gran' enjoying the ride
(while still on the mom journey too)