Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Did you know?

That some 18 month olds can screw off the tops of honey bears AND remove the protective plastic cover on the inside?

And make a really huge enormous mess with it?

I really didn't think he could get it open so I wasn't paying any attention to him. 

So, I didn't make any granola that day.

I need to remember that there is a very good chance that he can get anything open, climb anything, move anything, eat anything, and I'm just waiting until he starts sticking smaller things in his ears, than the fork at last night's supper.


gkey said...

dear EverLearningGramma,

You are sure finding out just what all he CAN do! You know the theory...."if they can do all that, they can surely learn to put wash in the washer, dishes in the dw, dust, vacuum, and so forth. Maybe his working career is going to have to begin earlier than most. We have a friend who was having her kids doing household stuff before they were two that the rest of us didn't even consider yet! Now those same kids who are my kids' ages: (18,15,and 12) can hang sheetrock, paint their own rooms,(really well i might add) put down tile floors and dozens of other amazing things without an adult on sight.

Oh, KitKat and I are wondering if that IS cereal or catfood in the last photo??

Constructive Activities

Gramma's Corner said...

Dear Constructive Activities,
I'm not sure Fruity Pebbles qualify as cereal, and he's already tried the cat food.
Love, Never gonna stop learning.

The J's said...

HAHAHA!! He is SO his mothers son!!
These pictures should win a prize in the "Don't get mad, take pictures" catagory!! Really it's probably YOU who should win the prize in actually having enough calmness to even actually take the pictures intead of desolve into a screaming manic puddle like I probably would have :)
I would think he got a good lesson in "touchy feely gooey" this day!