Saturday, August 28, 2010

Picture Perfect

Grandchildren are special creatures.  They come along when (hopefully?) age and wisdom have been achieved. 

Well, at least I know a little bit more than I did 18 years ago, anyway.

And my stock of patience is well..... stocked.  I don't think I used very much on my own kids.

I mean, who else but a gramma, will get up from the computer every five minutes to be led to go downstairs, or get a drink, or find a toy, or play a game.  I wouldn't want to get up to actually WORK, would I?  I do have to go downstairs and get him off the air hockey table, too, I see.  He can get up, but he can't get down. 

Luckily, going downstairs can involve getting something for supper which he is very willing to help carry upstairs or putting laundry in and out of the washer and dryer.

Too bad he doesn't know the difference between clean and dirty clothes, or even wet or dry ones, or perhaps he doesn't care.  He loses interest about half way through and wants to spend his time hooting in whatever machine needs taken care of first.

He loves to get things out of the fridge, but orange juice and syrup are not options anymore.

He loves to carry things around, like Jim's lunch box, and my clothespin basket.  When we go outside to hang clothes on the line, HE has to carry that basket, not me. Today it was so nice out, it was good to be out in the breezy cooler weather. Zane handed me the clothespins and joyfully ran under the sheets. 

It just makes my heart hurt to watch the next generation enjoying the outside, doing the same things mine have done.  It does my heart good to watch him being so willingly helpful.  Kids this age want to help SO much, and I'm learning to work when I can so I can be patient when he wants to 'help'.
After the sheets were dry and smelling nice, he decided to help me put them on.  However, his help consists of grabbing the only corner of the bottom sheet not tucked in and crawling under and "ny-ny" on the pillow.  I finally gave up and went back to finish later. 

During that episode I changed his diaper and left it on the floor, so when he WAS done messing up my bed, he saw it, made some unintelligible comment and took it to the trash. 
This is the age they want to be like the adults in their lives, to do what we do, and may I be willing to let him explore and learn in a nurturing environment...

except the fridge...and the toilet.


The J's said...

Those pictures are just SO cute!!

Janis said...

Aww - he is such a cute little Busy Bee!!

Teresa said...

He is handsome little boy!!! I love reading your posts and seeing all the family pictures.