Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

School is starting again.  I like having my kids home in the summer; I like having them in school.  I like the "days off" of summer; I like the routine of school.  I don't like that we still are busy whatever the season and they are crabby at times, too.

So... here is my baby off to high school.  She looks pretty excited.  I should take a picture when she gets home today. 

I should be sorrier than I am that the youngest of my kids is getting so close to growing up, but I'm too busy enjoying this free time to blog since I've been too busy for a couple weeks.

Plus, I've been too busy to even pay attention to my emotions.  And it isn't hard to watch Lynette grow up since she's growing up into a very sweet, very nice, very enjoyable young (cough...choke... sniff... oh sorry) woman.

Here they go....

And this is the MOST exciting part, I don't have to DRIVE them anymore, yay, hooray...I'm jumping up and down here!!!

So, I'm celebrating by not even going into the office to work.

And this is the closest I get to a picture of my son on the first day of school.


Dan & Cyndie said...

LOVE IT!!! enjoy the day mom!

Gramma's Corner said...

Maxine wrote:
"Ugg, blogger is not letting me on the comment area. Anyway, happy first day of school. Just use the caption "NATHAN'S FIRST DAY OF 2010 SCHOOL" WITH THIS PICTURE..... :p (or wait till they get home with the camera ready & take one from the door as he gets out of the car....)"

Raimie said...

Hee-hee! Love it! sniff-sniff!