Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zane--Right Now

I'm not seeing Zane as often now that school is starting and Lorene isn't.  She finished her CNA class and passed and is now looking for a job while still working a little at Applebee's so I'm getting a much needed respite from that last very hectic month of her trying to fit it all in.

So, it is nice to see him when he does come.  I've had a chance to get caught up around the house, to get the dishes and laundry and daily cleaning caught up, to get some ORDER back in my life.  I'm discovering I like order.  Actually I think I liked it all the time, because when it gets so far OUT OF ORDER with that really bad three years when we had grandpa and three little kids, I never felt able or willing to get things done. 

Lucky for me, we had Bible Study every three weeks, so I always had to be picking things up and cleaning so it never got TOO bad around here. Eventually, I got in the habit of tidying up enough to vacuum on Wednesdays every week.  I planned better for meals, but I still am terrible about leaving dishes around over night and not getting them cleaned up. 

I am a lark rather than a night owl, and after 9 pm my brain shuts down.  I tell my kids if they want to tell me anything important it has to be done before then, because I'm off the clock. However, if I have tea in the afternoon and don't eat too much for supper, I can stay up, and on those days the kitchen is cleaner.

So, what does that have to do with Zane? I'm not really sure, except I'm under the impression that we are made with an "order" gene that self destructs at about age 2 depending on the development and activity of said child, and sometimes regenerates at a later period of life depending on the number and activity of the children, lifestyle and how soon grandchildren come along.  It also depends on the husband, but we won't go there.

This post will be too long.  It probably is already.

So, back to Zane.  One of the very loveliest things about this toddler, who is 19 months old right now, is that if he generates trash like by eating a piece of candy (shhh, he only gets one a day from me after he has his fluoride drops), he puts it right away in the trash can.  And then today, he wanted "num num" from the fridge and got out the syrup.  I didn't have any pancakes left over so I was going to make him french toast, as soon as he saw the bread, he got out the miracle whip instead, so he had a sandwich.  But, before I gave it to him, he grabbed the syrup to put it away in the fridge!! This isn't the first time he's done things like this.  I just wish it would last.

Just think, if everyone put things away as soon as they were done with them, how much easier life would be. 

Hey, you!!! Quit sucking on the mustard bottle!


Dan & Cyndie said...

I just love to read your posts :) don't always leave a comment tho' so i'm gonna be better about doing that now. He is such a little sweetie of a go-getter!! ya just gotta love him ;)

gkey said...

dear LifeWithZane,

This stage of dumping,messing,pulling,throwing,pushing,opening,closing will soon morph into different more constructive stuff...but while it lasts, take heart and LAUGH. You might as well, it is healthier and not so alarming as the alternatives eh?

Laughing IS easier when it's a Grand~kiddley~wink

The J's said...

Yes I agree, it is much easier when it's a grandchild! I didn't have that much patience with my own!
That top picture is sure a winner!