Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's Never Too Early

I LOVE books. 

Not all books, of course, just the best ones.  I am discovering to my slight sorrow that the books I love and can't live without are not the same ones by book-loving daughter loves.  But, at least we can come together on a few of them. 

I love these books here, too.  I love them so much I keep them in my bedroom so I can watch when Zane is looking at them.  I've seen what happens to books when I'm not looking.  His "feel the baby animals" book comes in separate pages now. 

Really I love every book about Max and Ruby, I bought these when MY baby was really too big for them which is why they are still nice for my grandbaby. 

At LEAST once a day, Zane gets these books out, spreads them all over my bed and says "Mac, Mac", and we read a page or two out of a couple of them.  He doesn't seem to need to have a story read in any particular order.  He turns the pages, he decides in what order we'll read it.

I read to my kids.

I read to them a lot.  We would go once a week to the library and bring home as many books as the library check out basket would hold.  We would read them all and go back again for more.  I checked out hundreds of books, I think.  The really amazing thing is that I only had to pay for two lost ones.

There is a lot said about reading to your kids and that will make them better readers.  It sure worked around here, but even if it doesn't, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a bunch of kids reading, reading to them.  In the morning after breakfast, in the afternoon before nap (ha ha ha, I just made that one up, who has kids that take naps) and before bed.

And Rosemary Wells says it best.

"Read to Your Bunny"
Read to your bunny often,
It's twenty minutes of fun.
It's twenty minutes of moonlight,
And twenty minutes of sun.
Twenty old-favorite minutes,
Twenty minutes brand-new,
Read to you bunny often,
Your bunny will read to YOU.


Raimie said...

Dear Reading Rounds,
I love this! You read my recent post about homeschooling and reading so you know I'm very much of this mind. I appreciated your kind comment on that post, by the way! I need all the encouragement I can get.

Reading Raimie in NE

MEJ said...

You know I LOVE books too--and I didn't read to my kids as much as I should of, as I don't like reading out loud too much. Thankfully their great grandmother and grandma read ALOT to them. I think everyone of them has a good appreciation for reading too.
Unfortunately I never had as good as experience with the library book issues as you...
But, I did love your post and pictures!

p.s. by the way....it was my kids that took the naps.... :D

Lynisha said...

It sure isn't MY kids that take/took naps!
We do love to read though - a lot! I never did like to read out loud either but I am getting more used to it and really do look forward to reading 'good' books to my kids! Right now Kyrie is very interested in the pioneer days - something our school doesn't cover until 4th grade - so we've been reading pioneer books. We've especially enjoyed "Laura Ingalls Wilder; A Pioneer Girl" - it's a children's book about the life of LIW - she loves it!
But Trey prefers more 'wild' books - SkippyJon Jones, (brush up on your Spanish!) Where the Wild things are... but Leo the Lightening bug is on his list too :)

mrsmacolsson said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog! Your quote from On the Banks of Plum Creek made me smile. I read all the books so many times they fell apart, and now my mum brought them over to me so I can read them to my little ones

Renee said...

Oh, yes. Children's books..I love them. That's one thing I miss terribly about not having little ones in the house. I read to the boys A.L.O.T. Wonderful memories. I love reading aloud. The more Dr. Suess tongue twister type the better I like it! : )

Anonymous said...

Zane reminds me of a Bhuddist monk, though he is in a pink rather than a yellow/orange robe.

Did your mom and dad read to you, Shelley, when you were just a kid??

Gramma's Corner said...

I am assuming my parents read a lot to me, because as the first child, they wanted to do everything for the best. I started reading so crazy early, like 4, that I don't remember being read to. I read ALL the time, I read when I should have been doing my chores, I read to my little brothers, and I still like to read, but I TRY to get my chores done first.