Friday, October 8, 2010

Oldies, But Goodies

I don't really know about this getting old(er) business.  I mean I still feel like ME.  The same person I always was.  Well, not really.  I know a whole lot more now, I tolerate a whole lot more now, and one thing I know for certain sure, is that I would rather be on the wrong side of 40 knowing what I know now, than on the other side starting over.  Even if it does mean that life is marching on. 

It is just going WAY too fast.  I suppose that means I'm WAY too busy.  I just don't have time to stop and think about what I have accomplished personality wise, as what I want to yet.

But, here we are just a little closer to the top of the responsibility chain. The older generation train?  The "there are more people younger than older in our family" game?  Whatever. It's here and I don't even have time to know it.  I suppose when I wake up next I'll be 75, and really wonder where the time went.

This is the sad part.  Really.  In the last 20 years there are a lot of people we should have spent more time getting to know a little better and now it is too late for some, and if we keep on going, it will be too late for everyone.

Sometimes I wonder what I'm doing with all the time I could be "connecting".  Some of it is wasted blogging and on facebook and reading.  But, some of it is just plumb tiredness from fielding schedules, independent wishing teenagers, very many self owned business jobs, and an independent thinking toddler. Sometimes I just want a day off!

I try that from time to time and then wish I hadn't.  It tends to make everybody crabby, likely because mom is that way, because, clothes aren't folded, the kitchen isn't clean, stuff is on the floor, and supper is late or nonexistent.  Days off are NOT worth it.  Hear ye, hear ye, are you listening Gramma!!

Of course, if everyone would cooperate by getting home and to bed on time, and passing their classes, and, and, not making me worry about them, I could get some sleep, and not have to depend on tea to get me through the day.  (not coffee, mind you, I don't like to drink that stuff)  I do like to EAT it, with plenty of sugar and chocolate.

So, the whole point of this post is to pay tribute to the last member of Jim's mother's immediate family.  The brother and the sisters part.  I never met any of Jim's aunts and uncles on his mother's side except Aunt Marie.  And I was glad to meet and know her a little, as people said she was the most like Jim's mom of all of them.. I never knew Jim's mom, she died before we were married.

So, we went to her funeral the other day.  And there were very few to attend.  Her remaining sons live far away from here now, so aside from a very few old friends of ours and theirs, it was just her sons and a couple of cousins and nephews.

And then they tell stories of what she was like when they were growing up, and the cousins tell stories, and I realize how many more stories there are that I don't know, that I wish I did.  Like, what it was like for Jim's mom growing up with all those kids together,  (There were 8, but one died in infancy.)  Where did they live, and how did they live.  Jim and his sisters know some of those stories, but when we are together, we are too busy telling the stories of the lives we are living now to tell stores of the long ago.

Here are photos of the cousins Jim knows best, they are older than he is by 15 and more years.  I want to tell more stories and I want to hear more stories, but the time is always too short.

Aunt Marie's sons and daughter in law.

A second cousin and her husband.

Flowers from the funeral bouquet.


MEJ said...

Well said!

Janna said...

I tripped up onto your blog....your thoughts are alot like mine lately, why do we not listen/ask for the stories of the pastS why's and what-for's when we have the chance??? My dad past away in August and was not able to think clearly for a time b4 that and it was during this time that I wanted to know more and he was not able. Was you and your husband or maybe husband at Eagle Bend II this wkend?? He looks alot like someone my husband visited with.

Gramma's Corner said...

Yes, my husband was there, without me, I kept the home fort. His dad was with us three years and in a nursing home for five with what was likely alzheimers. He's been gone 5 years now. I'll check out YOUR blog. It is always fun to find new ones.

Anonymous said...

Bonita says from emial: I tried to comment on your blog, how much I liked the article and pictures of Aunt Marie's funeral. However, it doesn't seem like it worked. So, I'll say it again here.