Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Year Later

Today I've been blogging one year. 

I entered the blogging world to document my grandson's life for far out relatives to be able to see him changing and growing.  It is a much nicer format than emailing, because they are preserved a little better.  It is funny to think of anything done on the "Internet" as being preserved.  I always imagine all the little pieces of my information floating around in space somewhere waiting for someone to ask for them and they all come flying back together for you to look at.  I suppose really they are stored in some absolutely humongous  computer somewhere that (or I think network of computers) that has to actually store the information. I am very dumb about all of that. 

To be very truthful about the whole thing, even though I had other friends who were blogging and I was thinking it looked like fun, I didn't think I'd be able to do it. 

Then, a friend who very many people know as 'The Prairie Hen" started blogging. And her first blogging was so cute, so inspiring, so "if she's going to write like that, I'm going to try it at least."  So, I started.  And as they say,.... the rest is history.

And in honor of the day.... I give you ZANE!....

...who has never eaten as much at one time of ANYTHING as he did when he got out the peanut butter and went at it himself.

Happy blogging!


MEJ said...

WooHoo!! Happy Blogging!
and What a hoot--love the picture!

Lynisha said...

Happy 'Blogiversary'!

Dan & Cyndie said...

what a guy!!! gotta love the little critter :)

Raimie said...

Dear Sweet And Zane-y,

Wow! I am beyond touched... It's very true that if I can do it anyone can! I think the key is keeping it real. I love how you blog just the way you talk... It's right on the money and heartfelt and I love checking in to see how you are and how Zane is growing.

Merely Me in Nebraska

Gary said...

Hey, why eat peanut butter by way of bread when you can go right to the source. :)