Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life With(out) Father

The Dad of the house is gone.  He's gone all week on a job out of town.  So, somebody has to do cow/calf chores. 
Not me, not me, not me,

and you can tell it isn't my job because it isn't raining.  If I have to do chores I have to do them in mud. 


Along with calf chores, come CAT chores.  Some neighborhood cat had the gall to have her kittens in OUR barn, which means Lynette now thinks we have kittens for her to play with. 
We are trying to get rid of cats not get anymore 'fotched on' ones.
But do these kids care?  No Way!

We've got a lot of cows to feed at night.  Of course, it isn't a lot of cows if you are a cow farmer, but quite a lot for a little 5 acre place in a subdivision.  We've got 4 cows we raised from calves that are being fattened, and three bottle calves of this year.

Hay, Hay!

Zane loves anything to do with the outside, and if he sees someone else doing it, he's going to, too.  Only he really does need tools a little closer to his size.

 Corn and protein!

After the putting away,

Comes the fun!

These bales are about 4" taller than I am.

It was a beautiful evening. Calm, with the early evening sun going down and making colors more brilliant and highlighting in gold. It's evenings like this that remind me that I'm glad to be alive, living here, in this particular spot, with MY family, with another generation loving the outdoors, and watching the cows.

I'm counting my blessings.  Which I really need to, since the van didn't start today when I needed it to, and there is a leak in the basement ceiling.

Ahhh, Real Life, you just gotta love it!


Raimie said...

Dear Muddy Mama,
Ha! Interesting how mom get the dirty work, huh?

Love the colors and scenes of Fall!
Muddled Mama in NE

Janis said...

I love those moments too of absolute contentment. And Zane looks like such a big boy with his hair cut!