Monday, September 13, 2010

Bedtime in the Middle of the Day

Once upon a time there was a little boy who would sleep nicely in his bed, or in his playpen with any of a number of fleece blankets. (Which is really handy by the way because I could always find a clean one to tuck him up with.  We could lay him down with his bottle and run out the door and he was TRAPPED, bwhahahah. He had to go to sleep whether he wanted to or not. 

Then, one day, someone laid this little boy down for a nap in the middle of the afternoon, and closed the door intending to spend the afternoon doing something very fun that little boys would be no help at all and in fact a very great hindrance, only to find him standing right next to me when I turned around.

Nap time as we knew it was now over. 

So, for a little while this little boy got to take his naps in his crib in the basement, which worked really well for a couple of weeks until the inevitable happened and the thumping noise coming from the basement was followed by wailing noises coming up the stairs. 

Now, it really was over, any free time in the household resulting from untended naps, was over.

But, as in all good stories this one has a happy ending.  The little boy now wants to sit in his gramma's lap when he gets tired, snuggling up with a big fleece blanket and wiggle and laugh and cuddle and rummage around until he gets comfortable.  (Which is sometimes in another chair after awhile.)

And sometimes he has a nap and sometimes he doesn't, but they always happily get cuddle time ever after.

Now, for those of you who peeked ahead to look at the pictures may now be wondering what on earth a dissertation on the napping behavior of the "under twos" has to do with the pictures displayed. 

Well, nothing, except they both involve beds.

Zane has always loved my little pink microball pillow, he throws it, carries it, wears it and lies on it. It's the first thing he goes for when he gets on my bed.  After he throws it off, he starts jumping, but that is a different story.

The story that goes with the pictures is this:

Once upon a time I washed my sheets and went to put them on the bed.....

which I do peridically and I don't want to write that kind of story again, because it doesn't really end happily ever after if I have to make the bed all over again after Zane is done with it.


I was putting the sheets on the bed and like I did with my own kids, we played with the sheets, covering him up in them and rolling him around in them and hopefully getting him to run off after awhile and play something else. But, no, not him!!!  He got the pillow and tucked himself in under the bottom sheet and went "ny-ny".

And he did it again, and again, and I finally gave up and left him to it and went to do some other task that I left probably because he was 'helping' me that time, too. HE had a great time.

So, today, we were doing laundry, he helped me (really he did) take things out of the dryer into the basket, and from the washer into  the dryer and we went upstairs to fold and put away.  Zane thought that part was great; I just had a hard time persuading him to let me fold the underwear and socks before he threw them in the drawer.

After the towels went into the drawer, I snatched all the rest of the stuff away and left quickly, which is how many of our jobs turn out together, and came back to Zane tearing the bed apart to climb in it.

This time, I grabbed the camera.

Thinks he's pretty cute, huh?

Getting all tucked in.

And I'm very very sorry this photo is so fuzzy, but I had to be quick, because Zane knows now that he can see the picture on the back of the camera.

And I had to remake the bed.

The End.


Lynisha said...

Very cute! :)
It's so nice to have a 'cuddler' - I have one and even though he quit napping when he was barely 2, he still loves to cuddle most days!

The J's said...

Cute! and how did I miss that "big boy" hair cut? He's just plain cute, curls or no!
And Lynisha--what do you mean? That little boy took a nap early every day when he was here! (and not because I told him to!)

Lynisha said...

yeah, he slept almost every meeting in convention too but that's not normal for him :)

Faith said...

One of the most precious times of mothering is during those marvelous years when they all want to be helper girls and helper boys. It is so precious to see them striving to learn and do important things.

He's a cutie-pie! Nice shot with the reflection of him in the mirror at the same time.