Monday, September 27, 2010

The Aliens Have Landed!

Or maybe it was corn leaves.

Wind is an important part of life here in Nebraska.  In fact, you better not move here if you can't take the wind.  Those of us who are here have learned how to deal with it.
(I wander around like some demented creature, but I'm dealing with it.)

There is a field right north of our property, one year is is beans, the next year is corn.  This is a corn year.  It creates all sorts of problems with us as all the woman in this family seem to be allergic to corn dust.  The farmer got right on the ball and combined the field, but we've had several windy days with 25+mph winds that blows that dust and leaves right to us. 

Right onto the patio and then they're trapped.

Jim took these photos for me and we are trying to show how full this little spot is.  There is a half barrel under there. 

Sigh, I suppose we need to get out the rake.

Since then, our nice little round pile by the back door has enlongated. If you enjoy crunching through leaves, this is the place!!

We had a nice little rain afterwards that made the pile soft and soggy, and easier to get rid of so we are no longer getting corn leaves in the house.

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Renee said...

I sympathize ~ ~ I live out here amidst the cornfields so I EXPECT you are in town and you have drifts of corn leaves. Imagine that!