Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Art 1

Lynette likes art, she likes to make things using her hands.  Art was one of her first choice of electives for high school, and this stippling picture is the first major project.  She is doing some finishing touches here, The making of all those little tiny dots up until now took about 18 hours in three days, which was the bulk of the project.

A close up

This is absolutely marvelous in a fond parents' eyes and we don't really care about art critics.  The whole process involves choosing the subject, tracing the subject on to a grid, and placing values for the 'lights to darks'.  There are probably a few more steps in there before the actual stippling begins.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic. Lynette, says this one art critic!! There has always been an "art gene" in the family--it seems to have come out in Lynette's eye, hand, imagination, whatever!! My personal art critique has nothing to do with the fat that she is my granddaughter!!!



The J's said...

It looks awesome! My younger 5 all really enjoy art & several have done some really neat projects.

Lynisha said...

That looks great!!!