Monday, September 27, 2010

A Real Treat

I don't like to shop, in fact, I would rather clean house than shop.  At least I get to stay home!!  But when asked what she would do with her detasselling money, she said, "Shopping in Lincoln!!"   She wanted to go before school started but various things including our plans and the plans of her friend, meant we didn't go until after school started. 

That's sounds really bad, doesn't it.  Poor girl, didn't get to go back to school shopping until after school started! However, the Freshman go in a day before the rest of the school, so Friday they went in for orientation and Saturday, we went shopping. 

First stop, Plato's Closet.  A great place to make your money stretch.  They are a resale shop for "in-style" teen clothes.

Then the mall. I think they are getting rather bored with the stores and are finiding the foliage more intersting.

They are still kids, as you can see, and are riding the escalator, just for fun.

Lunch in the food court.  That is really a treat for us, too, since going out to eat is seldom on the menu.

This is panda express, and we shared.  You get quite a bit to eat!

Lynette had a wonderful time and was pleased with her purchases.  It was nice to have a good, fun day before big changes are happening.  Her fortune was very apt.  Not only is going to high school a big change, but she was also saddened with the change of instructors at Taekwondo.

Poor dears, a long hard day, it looks like they were made to do it!  Now, this would be more correct if I was in this position. 

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