Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Things

We now have a fire pit, which is a good thing since I am part of a family of pryomaniacs. Without the fire pit, the desire of 2/3 of my children want to burn the big burn pile on a regular basis no matter what the weather and it was getting rather old to say, "It's too hot/windy/rainy/dry", "Dad's too busy/tired/whatever", and "I don't have anything to do with fires."

Now, this nice little fire pit than Jim built in one day while Lynette and I were shopping in Lincoln.  (No wonder he could get a lot done, no one was there to bother him.)  So, we can have fires, the kids can have fires, the neighbors can have....oh, maybe not, the insurance company might object.

So, now after supper we go outside and have a little fire and eat our dessert out there.

We are training Zane how to behave around the fire pit.

We are also teaching Zane how to eat toasted marshmallows.

Which involves the rest of us ducking while he swings a warm, sticky, sugary marshmallow around.


Zane didn't really like the sticky all over his face!

Joke of the day:

Why do toddlers wear shoes?

So, mom's (and gramma's) don't have to kiss "owies all better" on dirty feet.

accckk, thbbth, yuck


The J's said...

Such cute pictures of Zane
Yay for fire pits! You didn't show it to us tho!!

Gramma's Corner said...

Oops, I forgot to take a picture of that, I was trying so hard to get good ones of Zane.