Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sweet Sixteen

My youngest is 16 today.  She was born on a beautiful day just like today.  The only problem was that she jumped the gun and was born 5 weeks early.  Ever since then, she's been dragging her feet on this whole growing up thing.  I think she will get over it, though.  She drove to school all by herself this morning.  She drove a friend to ice cream this afternoon.  She is now driving said friend to the mall to buy a lanyard for herself and then dropping her friend off at youth group.  I like the driving herself to school thing.  I can now rearrange my morning schedule to one that I like.  Not one that is shortened and has to be finished up after noon when I get back home on my busy days.

I am trying hard not to think too much about how time is flying by so quickly and it won't be very long until this very last one is graduating from high school and learning how to live life without me.  Especially since she is the only one who still likes me as a teenager.  We do things together at home or out of it.  And there are days, when nobody likes anybody around here, but we all get over it.  If I think about it I will be really sad, so I'm only touching on it in this post.

I would like to have a photo of Lynette, of her car and her roses.  But, my computer is down.  It wouldn't turn on the other day.   And that is where my photos are.  That is another thing I'm trying not to think about.  If it can't be made to work again....Where will all my 2010 photos be.  Not here, that's what.  I could load a couple onto this little netbook of Lynette's.  But, it isn't able, really.  It was dropped and has been fixed, but it isn't the computer it used to be.  At least I can type.  Another day I will post the photos.  Right now, I will tell you how much I enjoy her, how much I love her, how much I am proud of her--ALOT.

And if you want to see the photos--come back.

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Darcie said...

Sweet Sixteen...always feels a bit like a milestone that she loves just being and hanging with you!