Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6, 2011

It is windy outside.  Not that it isn't sometimes pretty windy in here, too. But it isn't at the moment.  Jim is quietly figuring out his smart phone, (Wow, can you believe it!!) Lynette is typing a research paper and I am using this little net book of Lynette's to see if it is workable or not.  I'm having so much fun, that the dishes aren't done for tonight.  (Not that it isn't pretty easy to find excuses for not doing the dishes, especially when we have no dishwasher except me)

Back to the wind.  It has been blowing 30-35 mph all day with gusts up to 60.  It is the kind of day I like to stay in.  It is too windy to dry clothes on the line.  Not unless you want them filled with dirt and corn shucks from the neighboring corn field before they are blown into the next county.  We have corn shucks everywhere.  All over our little subdivision, there are little piles where they are caught by fences, bushes, culverts, or whatever. I just don't like wind.  It makes me jumpy and nervous, it makes me tired and dirty, so I stay in.

As I said before, Lynette is typing her research paper.  It is about the Greek muses and a painting depicting them.  She has to have it finished by next Tuesday.  It was supposed to be Monday, but the teacher is giving them all an extra day since they aren't able to have as much class time to work on it.  She has a teacher who is so strict she is sometimes unreasonable.  But, she is slogging through and making it all right.  She already spends several hours a night on homework, but we were gone three days for a special convention time for us and then she was gone another day for a drama workshop.  So, she has been working from 4 to midnight every night since to get caught up.  I think by Tuesday everything will be back to normal.  Lynette needs a big high five for being able to keep working this hard and keeping her temper while she is doing it.

As I also said before, Jim got a smart phone, a droid commander thingy.  I don't want one (not yet anyway) but he is hoping it will help him with scheduling since it clips onto his belt and paper and pencil don't do that so well.  Not only that he can access weather, which when you work outside in the dirt all the time is a good thing to know.

I also made fudge sauce today. And brownies. And ate them with ice cream and it was good.  We had sweet and sour chicken for supper with peppers from the garden.  Still.  Oh, no!! I was going to clean them and put them in the freezer tonight.  I doubt that I will anymore.  I still have the dishes to do.  We got three big zucchinis from a late planting, tomorrow I will try to make relish, since I have the peppers, too.  We still haven't had frost.  It has been a beautiful fall so far.

I want to write a little about our Wisconsin trip, but I'd like my fall color photos available before I do it.  Lynette is using the computer where my photos are.  Check back someday. I'm having more fun finishing a crocheting project that blogging right now.

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Raimie @ The Prairie Hen said...

Dear Dishwasher,
We should all embrace the normal days, shouldn't we? I like this littl picture into your busy, windy world.

"Normal" is Nice in NE