Monday, October 19, 2015

No Teenagers Here

There comes a time in every family.  
The last child turns 20.
There are no more teenagers at home.
A barrier had been crossed. 
A torch has been passed.
Or something like that.  
There are new little kids coming up, (none teenagers yet, thank goodness).
It feels a lot like an empty nest these days.

Birthdays bring family home and Lynette's birthday party filled up some of those empty spaces. 

Lynette tried out her photography skills on her sister's family, and it looks like they got one of her and the newest family member.  
For the Millers, not us.

While I was decorating birthday cake and helping Mom make the chili enchiladas that are her specialty for supper.  We had a little boy visit us.  He decided to stay even though I told him he would have to play by himself, I would be too busy.  
He got a better afternoon than he expected since Papa came home, set up his loader bucket, gave him a pile of sand to play in and then took him back of the shop where he spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the dirt pile Jim made while clearing a spot for a concrete pad. 

He gets a special photo since in the one above with Lynette and the two boys, he was behind the couch. 

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The Chairman's Wife said...

Nice pics! Life keeps passing and kids keep aging! I heard that there might be something happening with you tomorrow. If so, hope all goes well for you!