Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October 6, 2015

Today is the third anniversary of the end of treatment. 
I'm celebrating with a photo of another year's hair growth.  

2015                                                                                                                                                   2014

I have weird hair; I don't think any grew on the right side. 

October is such a beautiful month. I have been looking forward to the cooler days and 
"October's bright blue weather"
However, we've had days and days of clouds and damp and sprinkles.  It hasn't rained much, just remained dismal.
Perhaps we'll get more October days when November gets here since November has seemed to sneak in this first week of October. 

I've been going out in the early mornings to feed the cats.  I can use the little bit of exercise I get and fresh air is good for everybody.  Even though the days lately have been gloomy, the mornings and evenings when the air is still and I expect the chilly weather and dress for it, have been lovely.  
Our house is so pretty all dressed up for the night.

Besides, the hair being weird around here, so are our chickens.  One always lays ombre eggs, one lays eggs whose shells are so thin they nearly explode when cracked, and one obviously chose this day to be a pullet.  

However, when opened there was no yolk.  
Defective egg. 


Renee said...

Ha ha...I had to laugh at your weird eggs. Your hair looks great, but true fact, it is longer on the left side. Weird is right. We had the most perfect day today with the calm winds and SUNSHINE. I must agree with you, October is just the loveliest of months!

The Millers said...

The house looks so homey!! I have a wonderful memory looking out the kitchen window with a light on and it was snowing and dad was pulling someone in a sled behind the tractor. I think I was doing dishes with grandma