Tuesday, October 13, 2015

October's Bright Blue Weather

There is an event in our region called the "Junk Jaunt".

It is a 300 mile continuous Yard Sale in central Nebraska. Each of 35-40 towns organizes a 3-day yard sale. Most towns will have at least one “Central Set-Up” location for vendors. Last year, this fun event drew 20,000 people from 34 states and 79 of 93 Nebraska counties.

.We decided to take a day and go this year.  Jim and I like doing things together and this was a good chance.  We left early Saturday morning and drove north.
We were out mostly to see what this event looked like and perhaps pick up a few bargains.  We had our cash and our lunch and away we went.
This event isn't only a "yard sale" event.  It's a big sale with organized vendors selling new products, antique stores, junk shops, flea markets and ordinary yard sales.  
We didn't get very far, our first stop was a town full of sales, and we stopped at every sign between there and the next few towns.  At lunch time we stopped at a town that was taken over with junk jaunt sales and there I bought 4 child sized round cake pans. 
There we also stopped at an estate sale and I bought a Kirby vacuum for $25 which was my bargain of the day.  I also got stung by a wasp.  
I don't think I've even been stung by a wasp before.  I don't remember anything hurting that badly.  I think now that any poor kid that gets stung is fully justified in hollering the place down.  
I was surprised by how much it hurt and how long it hurt.  My thumb swelled up, but we kept on going for a few more sales. My hand was going to hurt whether I was home sitting or driving around.  Finally, we stopped at a place that had a John Deere walking plow for sale.  
We still had enough of our cash left, so we splurged and brought it home to live in front of this "B" John Deere.  
After that, I was ready to take the rest of our money and my sore hand home.

We took a trip up to Minnesota for a special time with Jim's sister.  It was pretty cold the first couple days we were there, and I was glad for my undershirts, sweaters and tights, along with my coat.
The last two days were unseasonably warm and I shed a few layers.  As you can see, on Sunday I was in short sleeves.

It's beautiful up there this time of year with more variety of leaf changing color than we are used to. 


Bonita Sue said...

Thanks for a new blog post amidst your pre surgery busyness! Will be thinking of you tomorrow.

Maxine J said...

Love the pictures with D & at conv! What a neat tractor/flowerbed also! I'd like to go on the junk jaunt sometime, it sounds so much fun!