Tuesday, February 16, 2016

It's Tuesday Again

Another week has gone by.  
Another week of recovery, medicines and naps.  
I feel pretty good, really.
This is similar to the last ear surgeries when my ear drums were repaired.  It was a much simpler thing, though, with a faster recovery time.  
I didn't do much.  It's the beginning of the month so there are things that have to be done with our business, bills to pay, invoices to send, papers to file.  
Employee withholding to be sent.  
And there is the problem.  
Jim and I spent a couple of hours this morning on business stuff. I was ready to do the payroll and looking for my checkbook which wasn't where it was supposed to be, I realized that the information I use to deposit said withholding was gone as well.  I have no idea where those two items are.  I went back to look in my notes to see when I made the last payment, and discovered that it was
 done two days after surgery.  
That's bad news.
 It means that it is very likely I put them away...somewhere. And it is also very likely that I will never remember where I put them.   Drug induced fog is very real around here.  I was taking pain killers around the clock at the time.  
As soon as the tax information is into the accountant sorting files is next on my to-do list.  Perhaps it will show up then. 
Not much happened this week except a lot of sitting, knitting and the very most important house and office work.  
And snow melting.  

Here are the photos of the aftermath of the storm. 

My daughter gave me a very pretty bouquet to cheer my couch.  

Here is my lovely view from my corner of the living room.  I spend most of my life here. 


Renee said...

As much work as you get done, I don't believe you when you say you spend most of your life in that corner of the living room. I'm so glad you are feeling better!!!

Darcie said...

Dear me, my friend! I don't know how I have managed to miss all these post!! So sorry for all that you have been going through with your ear. Yikes!!! Hope all will settle now that you have had the surgery. Will be thinking of you!!