Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Ears to You!

We aren't going to discuss resolutions this week.  
Anything to do with keeping up with my normal life came to a screeching halt as those who read last week's blog may have an inkling. 
Because, that ear didn't get better, it got worse.  
The antibiotics made me sick.   I got new ones, the swelling got worse, I made another appointment.  
I laid around most of the week, tired from both the sickness and the oxycodone.
So, now I am sitting on a king-sized bed in a motel in Omaha waiting to have surgery this afternoon.  
That 'ear infection' turned into an enormous abscess in the mastoid area that has to be cleaned out surgically.  This sort of thing doesn't happen anymore due to the effectiveness of modern antibiotics.  However, my left ear has not heard of the advances in medicine and spends most of it's time thinking of new (and old) ways of turning my life upside down.
At one time, the doctor, the resident, the PA and three nurses were in the examining room, looking at my swelling. 
I don't have any photos of the swelling.  Suffice to say it was a good three times as large as shown in last week's photos.  
It was extremely uncomfortable, but not as painful as I expected.  In the doctors's office yesterday, he drained 10 ccs of liquid out of it (sorry about that for you squeamish folks), and that made a big difference, but it wasn't any fun. Neither was the putting in of the drain, which he knocked out the first time and I had to endure the putting in of a second one.  
All that HURT!

I sort of wish I had a photo of me wearing my glasses perched above my ears, so they wouldn't come anywhere near the swelling above the left ear, but I don't.
I have a few photos of the aftermath of our 16" of very windy snowfall from last Tuesdays storm, but they are safely at home in my camera.  

I'm starving to death.  Surgery time isn't until 1 pm.  


Bonita Sue said...

Best wishes on your surgery this afternoon. Hope it takes care of the problems for once and for all. Yes, too bad that ear has not kept up with medical advances!

The Chairman's Wife said...

Sorry to hear this (pun intended). I hope the surgery is successful and you can get back to your regular programming! Take care!

Juli said...

Ouch! Ears are such painful things to get infected. I hope this will take care of it. sending hugs!

Anita said...

Oh my. I'm way behind the times. I how you're doing better by now! Off to find out.