Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's a Blizzard Out There!

I really fell down on the job with taking photos this week.  I did my usual living in this house things.
I wrote three letters, I played my piano, I worked my small amount of office things needing done the last week of the month...and I only walked three days out of the week.  
There is a reason for that.  
I worked so hard for an hour and a half on Friday cleaning the office in the shop building, that I figured it would account for an 'exercise' day. You know, up and down, on top and underneath, vacuuming and scrubbing.  Saturday I spent so much time making jello, and chicken pot-pie with homemade pie crust and chicken just cooked that morning and de-boned, that I forgot.
And from there....it's a medical issue. 
I woke up about 3 am Sunday morning with drainage from my left ear.  (That's the one that is defective.)  It rapidly turned into not just continuous drainage but incredible swelling and pain around the ear area.  So, I spent Sunday fighting the pain and thinking about all the 'what ifs'.  
We already had an appointment in Omaha scheduled for that BAHA hearing assessment, but it turned into a medical appointment instead.  We left for Omaha early since there was a blizzard heading our way.  We were hoping that we could get an earlier appointment, but that didn't work out.  Thankfully, the snow held off until about 30 miles from home and we were home before dark.  
I'm loaded up now with a high powered oral antibiotic.  The doctor put a wick in my ear to hold ear drops in, and I'm on pain killer.  The swelling hasn't gone down yet, but at least I feel better. 

And, there really is a blizzard going on out there!


Anita said...

Oh ouch. I'm in pain, too. I hope it gets better fast.

Renee said...

YOWCH! That ear looks super painful. Is it better?