Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Smooth Move

 My first thought in starting this post was, "this was an ordinary week". I think that thought (ha)
was brought to mind because yesterday at knitting group someone asked how I was doing and when I took a little time to think about it, I thought a bit on how much I did last week, I realized I felt good.  
I have been good this last while.  It helps that I haven't had any surgery for months.  
I know that whole first bit doesn't make much sense.  That is what I thought without thinking. 
I did have a busy week, but I didn't accomplish very much.  My daughter is plagued with a van that for entertainment breaks down every week and since a blog week actually spans both sides of a weekend.  I had to rescue her twice.  We are of the opinion that it would be better to push it over a cliff.  
We also worked on another section of the flower garden restructuring project we are doing and went to a wedding reception.  In between these bursts of activity it was an ordinary week.  
I really should get some photos of that flower garden.

I love this little plant.  I'm taking photos again because it's blooming again.  Usually it blooms two little blossoms and then nothing for a long time.  This time there are more coming.  I love this little plant because my son gave it to me and because I've managed to keep it alive for over a year.  It needs very little water so I have to be careful not to over water.  

I'm seeing a lot more of Zane since school is out.  And a lot more of all them because of the van issues.  We made s'mores at our house with chocolate frosting and microwaved marshmallows, but these boys got to make real ones at home.  

I like daisies. 

I've been making smoothies for snacks.  No one else around here will drink mine because they have spinach in them.  I've been using different frozen fruits.  I have no opinion on the taste because all I get is the thick and cold feeling and that's good enough for me. 





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