Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Time

The problem with weeks is they soon turn into months.  And those months will soon turn into half a year gone.  Yesterday was the first day of summer.  I happened to hear that sunrise was 6:05 am and sunset at 9:11 pm. The longest daylight hours of the year.  

Tonight Jim and Lynette went out to supper for a daughter/daddy date and I was going to start blogging but I needed to finish the last little bit of the skein of yarn I was working on, then I had to eat my own supper, and write an email to my siblings.  So, Jim was home and mowing while I was editing these few photographs and now I will blog.  

I have been agonizing for a year over this quilt all over my table.  The blocks weren't put together very well and I repaired some of them, sandwiched the quilt and started quilting.  I have one block done and I need to figure out what pattern to put in the blank spaces.   I got the quilt top from my grandma's things after she died, but I don't think she put it together.  I first saw it when I was a teenager and she was a better seamstress than this quilt top would suggest.  The blocks are old fabric, the setting is new (new being over 30 years old). I wish I knew who sewed it together.  

I can't help posting another photo of this funny little plant.  I know I have one in last week's blog, but it is still blooming like crazy with a bunch of new blooms. 

We went to my folks over the weekend.  It was Father's Day and the most convenient weekend to visit, so we went.  Mom made banana splits for our Sunday dinner dessert.  Yum.  

My mom has been growing blueberries.  They have taken a lot of care and soil managing.  This is the first year she is getting a harvest. The amount of care they take is part of the reason
the plants I had died.  
That, and forgetfulness, and because I bought them BC*.

I found this in a Reader's Digest.  I think I read it before, and perhaps even put it in a blog post.  A cursory search revealed no current blog post so here it is, if it is again, I make no apology.
It expresses my feelings exactly about books. 

*BC=Before Cancer

Someone else's Sunbonnet Sue.  I was interested in the similar setting and colors to mine.

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Anita said...

Well I love that quilt! Need to keep reading your posts to see if there's a quilt update!