Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Square Deal

There's something going on with square photos these days.  
The first ones I remember were square.  That's 50 plus years ago.  
When I had my first camera my photos were square.  
Then 3.5 x 5, then doubles, then 4 x 6, and now the digital size is different all together.  
Now, we are having square photos again.  So much so, that the printing places have to be able to print square ones, or does anyone print photos anymore?  
I guess what goes around comes around.

We had snow last week.  It was the sort of snow that is light and fluffy.  It fell in the night when the temperature was 18 degrees or so.  I know it fell in the night because I when I woke up at 2:30 am, I noticed the snow light in the bedroom.  The snow came softly down all morning, not enough to add to what we had, just to enough to add charm to our black and white world.
After awhile, I couldn't stand to be inside, I had to be out in it.  
So, I shoveled the driveway.  
We had a rather large driveway and I only shovel it under the above conditions, plus no wind. 

A black and white world.

Out of my kitchen window. 

Barry and Zane have started wresting.  

Paislee is 6 months old, crawling and shouting and eating solid food. 

I tried out some new cake decorating tips today.  They aren't hard to use.  They require very stiff frosting and patience.  


Darcie said...

I am missing that pretty white our area of the world we haven't had any of it. :-(

Your grandbabies are growing on cute!

Renee said...

Your roses look so pretttttty on your cupcakes. Paisley looks like her Daddy..AND...I am missing snow. We haven't had any and I love how pretty it makes everything look and it makes my house so light and it "feels" different in my house when the world outside is white. I really hope we get one snowstorm before spring!