Thursday, February 2, 2017

You'd Think I'd Learn

A few weeks ago, I posted my photo of my pass/fail chart on the fridge.  The idea was to have a reminder for me to slow down and watch when I do things so I don't make messes.  It involves things like ALWAYS getting the step stool before taking anything out of the top cupboards.  I am better at that, and also at being able to pour a glass of milk without needing a rag.  We had no chart for Jim on the fridge until the other day he knocked his glass of water onto his plate.
Now there is one for him, too. 
Today I had such an enormous fail that I didn't know how to make a mark 
large enough to express the amount of fail.
I knew better. 
I knew when I picked up the bowl of rice and the yogurt container, that I should make two trips, but I didn't.  This is part of the reason for the fails in the first place.  I'm in hurry; it would be faster to take it all in one trip. HA
It was the yogurt that fell.
Right in front of the fridge.  
And, unless you've ever dropped a quart container of yogurt from waist high onto the floor you have no idea what sort of a mess it can make.  
I had yogurt on the fridge, yogurt on the opposite cabinets, yogurt on the clean dishes in the dishwasher, (the door was open), and yogurt on the floor everywhere in between. 
I took what I thought was sufficient time to clean the cabinet doors, the fridge and the floor.
When Jim came home I was telling him about it, and he says, "I wondered what this streak on the fridge was,"  and, "I see it's still on the floor."  Sigh.
Well, the floor needs mopped before the weekend.

Since I spend 1 1/2 days with my grandsons in a week, we always need something to entertain ourselves on those sometimes long days.  This Wednesday, Barry was sick enough to stay home from school, but not quite sick enough to be lying on the couch all day.  He was a little pianissimo, which was nice since we didn't have any running and loud noises going on for a change.  It was also really nice not to have to load Christian up and go after Barry at 11:00.

Tuesday we made an enormous lego tower, taller than me.  
Wednesday we made a taller one, it fell over, we tried again; it fell over, we tried again.   
We compromised then, digging out all the 1x4 legos and made three towers reinforced with some longer pieces.   You can't see that in these pictures.  The green one sticking out on top is the gun.
We're talking about boys here, you know. 

Christian is boning up on his nursery rhymes and songs. He'll sing them for me now, and always calls me out if I say one wrong. 

Barry again,

One of the things we've been doing is playing UNO.  We play a three man game until Christian gets interested in something else, and we play his hand for awhile until he doesn't come back anymore and then Barry and I play.  UNO doesn't work terribly well as a two hand game, reverse cards aren't much use, and skip cards give you two turns in a row.  Barry and I were playing reverse cards worked the same, and I was interested to see Barry start to strategize.  He was watching me, as I would put half a hand down, skips and reverse cards making sure the colors would give me maximum benefit.  It wasn't very long until Barry was up on it, making sure that at the end of his run, he blasted me with a draw two! He wins a lot of the time, partly because I don't play cutthroat UNO at anytime, especially with little boys, and partly because he's just pretty good at it.
Christian was Ella (from Frozen) for part of the day.  He got pretty frustrated because not only was I forgetting to call him "Ella", but because I was calling him Barry!  
Poor kids, I do it all the time.  I still have a hard time with my daughters.
I didn't want to name them with the same first letter.  
When it came time to name Lynette, we had the hardest time thinking of a name that went with Lorene, one that was classic and not too common. However, since Lynette was born early, we went with the last name that we had both been talking about.  When I was in post-cesarean recovery fog, I didn't about first letters of names.  Jim could probably named her most anything and I would have agreed.  But, then, perhaps I would have had trouble anyway. 

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