Friday, January 27, 2017

In Snow Time

It's cold and windy outside this Friday of this week.  Most of the snow we received on Tuesday is still here.  While it sounds sort of yuck to those of us in this part of the country, it is nothing on the weather of those north and west of here.  We are weenies.  
One of problems living here is that our weather is not consistent.  We are just as likely to have a day of 80 degrees in every month of the year, except January. I know if you live in Minnesota, for example, when it starts to snow everyone gets out their boots, scarves, gloves and long coats and doesn't put them away until April.  Here, we may need get out those very warm outdoor one day only to find we won't want them for the rest of the week, so we don't bother to get them out at all.  Therefore, when it is cold, so are we.  

Strangely enough, we had ice and snow again on Tuesday.  I went as usually to my daughter's to look after her boys, get them started for the day and the two oldest to school, expecting the less than one inch of snow to start in the afternoon.  She lives 15 miles north of us and it started to snow about 10:00.  By 11:00, when it was time to pick up Barry, there was an inch on the ground and it was snowing like crazy.  I was beginning to worry a bit about Lorene getting home by 12:30 since I had an appointment at 1:30 and I left the needed phone number at home.  There was 2" of snow by this time and it was still snowing. 
She didn't get there in time.  The main highways were clear enough to navigate, but the county road was not and slowed her down considerably.  
So, she was late.  
I left promptly at 1:20 and drove more slowly than usual because of the slush that was outside the driving tracks.
I was late.  
I slewed up the driveway, wondering at the very end, if I would have to ignominiously slide back down and part somewhere else, but I made it into the garage and noticed that the man I was to meet had been there and gone.
That's when I realized I left my phone at Lorene's.  
The reason I still have a land line, is for situations like this.  
I called and he came back. 

We never did get more than that inch of predicted snow and I easily drove back up to Lorene's the next day.  They had a late start which meant I took Zane in to school mid-morning.  It was nice to have a little more time with him.  
Barry and Christian play so well together.  We built two enormous forts and when they were tired of that, they wanted to play in the snow.  So, Barry went out and brought a big bowl in and they played with that for a long time.   

Snow soon turns into water and they played longer with that.
It was helped by the glasses of water they poured into their bowls to make chili (Barry) and mac-n-cheese (Christian).

After they tired of that and we mopped the floor, it was Christian's turn to wear the kitty costume and for the second time that day they were on the floor with bowls of milk and the tablet.  I'm not sure why kitties need to watch nursery rhymes on the tablet with their milk, but they did it both times. 

Paislee was here to visit one morning and at 5 1/2 months is getting herself onto all fours and lunging forward to get her toys. She has very good control over herself, rolling this way and that, grabbing and playing with her toys, and can sit with a little support.  She loves to chew on fingers especially, but if one isn't available she goes for her toys, or her shirt.  
Her dad was crawling about 6 months, before he could sit alone. 

As for the rest of the week.  I quilted a couple of blocks, and started a new afghan.  
And, did all the other things that keep us fed, in clean clothes, and one jump ahead of the federal government and bill collectors. 

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