Friday, January 6, 2017

Pass or Fail?

Here we are in 2017 already.  
It's time for the making of resolutions.  I always like making resolutions because I like the idea of change for the better in myself.  
The ones I made last year have worn pretty well.  
1. I vowed to walk.  I did well with that until spring when I quit, but I worked outside in the garden and I took up walking again in August and kept it up until this cold weather.  I walk outside unless it is below 20 degrees, or too windy, then I walk in the mall or skip a day.  
2. My business has been kept in my office.
3. I have had variable success with limiting my computer time.  Keeping off facebook is easier than not playing my daily computer games.  Thankfully they are not the kind that make me want to play and play and play, but they still take time. 
4.  I wanted to blog every Tuesday, but the point was to blog regularly, like once a week.  Since I looked after the boys on Tuesdays while Lorene was in class, later in the week proved a better day, as you can see, today is Friday.  

This year's goals:
keep walking, keep blogging, keep limiting the computer.
I want to reach out more to my friends and family, whether by letter, email, text or phone.  
This one will be a real challenge, because my favorite place to be in life is home and knitting.  

One of my resolutions was to see less of my doctors.  I failed at that one already.  
I had an MRI yesterday.

Today I feel sympathy for some authors of my favorite books.  Sometimes I find errors and I think, 'they sure goofed that one, because it says __________________ in the another book.'
I can't remember if I mentioned the circumstances that led up to this MRI and I'm not in the mood to read November and December blog posts to find out.

I had an eye migraine in November.  I've never had one before in my life.  It scared me nearly to death.  I sat on the couch wondering what on earth was going on in my eyes as they flashed a curious pattern on the left side.  It was crescent shaped and it grew larger until it filled my field of vision and I couldn't focus and then slowly faded away off to the left.  30 minutes.  It left me drained and foggy headed.  I saw the eye doctor and she told me it was an eye migraine and people have them, 
no big deal.  
Then I had another one in December.  20 minutes. The after effects included a little pain,
I took a pain killer. 
This time I thought it prudent to call my oncologist and he ordered the MRI, just in case.
We went to Omaha and had the MRI done, then saw my doctor and the scan shows no change from the last time.
I went home relieved.

I had another one today, with more pain afterwards.  
I was MAD. 
I kept working at the computer.  Eventually, I had to stop and rest until the flashing stopped. 
 20 minutes.
 I don't want to have another problem in my life.  I don't want to have to worry about another thing to watch, to take medicine for, to worry about what happens if I'm driving.  
I felt yuck for quite awhile afterwards this time.  

Sigh.  Oh well...things could be worse.

I looked at last years blog posts and just as this one is going to finish out to's birthday time for Zane and Lorene. 

This one is a better photo of the kids, but not of me.  

8 and 25, how time flies. 


Renee said...

I had no idea...WHEW, and Whew again and oh my, I am SO thankful the MRI was good, but enough already of the migraine business. Go.away.and.stay.away.

Your grands are just perfectly CUTE! I do so enjoy your blog and glad you keep at it. I should start one but I barely keep my diary current, would I be faithful with a blog about just our every day goings on? Not sure!

Anita said...

Try taking a dose of ibuprofen when you get the eye thing. I get them occasionally - and they scare me every time. It's frightening when your eyesight suddenly is messed up. I found out that (for me, at least) ibuprofen will stop them. Interestingly enough, mine are on the left side of my field of vision, to. A wavy electric blue and sparkly yellow curved line that moves. Ugh