Sunday, January 15, 2017


I forgot all about blogging this week until Saturday evening.  
Evening is not a good time for me to blog because my brains go to sleep about 8:00 and I cannot write inspired prose or even remember what I did that day, let alone last week.
On the weekend we went up to my folks, partly because there was a baby shower going on there and partly because I need to go and see my folks.  
We ate our Sunday dinner with some friends and played a few games of Rook before going home.  It must be about 30 years since I've played a game of Rook!!  I was never very good at it.  I always hoped I'd get a bad hand and not have to do much more than play out.  One time, a bunch of us kids were playing and I got the ultimate hand, like 11 cards in one color.  I HAD to bid high, and I won it.  If I ever led a hand again, I don't remember.  
ANYWAY, we left for home mid-afternoon and we were just a few miles out of Norfolk, when flupperty, flup, flup, the serpentine belt broke, and there we sat.  On Sunday afternoon.  
Thankfully towing services exist for stranding motorists, and one took us to a motel and the car to the dealer.  So, there we were, in a cheap motel (it was close and we weren't thinking clearly), at 5 pm.  It's freezing cold outside, we hadn't had supper and I had lost a glove.  
While we were at our friends, they were invited to a snack and game evening, so we called them, they picked us up, so we got some supper and activities to fill our evening. 
So--the motel.  We were the only ones staying in the motel.  The room we were given was the one directly under the rooms the manager and his family lived.  I was glad I can't hear very well.
We were thankful there would be breakfast served.  I didn't know yet we were the only ones in the motel and when I peeked out at 7, there was no breakfast, 7:30, no breakfast.  So,I called the help number and politely asked when breakfast would be served and he answered, "I'll come down and open the pantry."  And he did.  He pretty much just showed us where everything was in the cereal department, found us some milk, and we helped ourselves.  !!!
At 8 Jim called the service department and explained the problem with the car and our predicament.
"Not a problem, easy to do, won't take long." 
At 10:00, Jim called again.  They acted like they've been waiting for the go ahead to get started!!!
Either they didn't pay attention, or there was some miscommunication going on.  
The courtesy guy came and got us and we waited there until the car was done at noon, paid our dues, got some lunch and we off down the road to home.  
We were 2 minutes gone, when I couldn't find my water bottle.  So, back we go, no water bottle.  While I'm asking in Culver's Jim is looking around and there it was !! in my purse. !!
That thing is long, and heavy, and I put it in my purse so I could carry out my ice cream....

This was the first week that I had two days of looking after the boys while Lorene goes to class.  Tuesdays the boys get themselves up, Zane does breakfast detail and a little too late I am encouraging the boys in their coats and out the door we go to drop Zane and Barry off at school.
Wednesdays I get there a little later, Lorene takes the boys to school, but she has a late day so Aaron comes home early so I can get home before 4.  

Christian is all snuggled up with his tablet.

Same here, only not so snuggily.
We DO do other things than watch the tablet.

It was so cold on Wednesday that in my hurry to get to the car I knocked Christian down the stairs.  He says I didn't, but I'm pretty sure I did.  Poor kid.  

We got some new mattresses for the twin beds in our basement bedroom.  They come crammed into a box, until we let them out. 

I hope this video shows up.  I haven't put a video on this blog for years.

Besides doing a lot of work in the office on the other two work days of the week, the only other profitable thing I got done was this octopus hat.  
The profitable part is debatable. 

Not such a good photo of the hat, but a better one of me. Ha. 

I feel better now, my brain kicked in, so this wasn't so hard to do after all. 
I think I'll go have my bedtime snack.


Renee said...

That octopus hat is hilarious!!

Anita said...

Ditto the hat comment!