Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Week (Almost) In Pictures

To load photos onto this blog I need to upload them first into a special window and from that window attach them to the blog.  I thought I would be clever and upload them while supper was going on, and then I forgot all about them and closed down the internet and lost them.  I went through the whole process again just now and accidentally loaded another site on top of it and had to upload them a THIRD time. Grrrr

Lynette, Anthony, Nathan, Lily and Paislee were over for Sunday dinner.  
We had deer burgers. 
We entertain our babies with very sophisticated toys.  Paislee doesn't seem interested in the Pharmacology book. 

Maybe she is.

The continuing ice storm kept everything closed down until Tuesday noon.

Jim is taking the easy way to figure a bid.

Aftermath of the storm. 

I had Tuesday off because schools were still closed, including Lorene's.
Christian and his princess/pony castle. 

Making cookies with playdough.
Obviously the fork trick is what makes them cookies. 

Put a little soap in the bath and let them play!

Random Paislee Photos

I don't have any photos for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  
I dug out the quilt I wanted to quilt this winter and as of Saturday afternoon I have three blocks quilted.  I started a new knitted afghan.  I did two loads of laundry.  I think one is still in the dryer,  
I got my tax forms all ready to mail, after printing two out onto pre-printed forms and having to run to the accountant and get new ones.  I went grocery shopping with $115 dollars and came back with $18.  I forgot to buy any vegetables. I ate the rest of the cookies. 
Friday, I went to an arm knitting gathering and discovered I can't do it properly.  
Then I drove all the way home in some of the worst fog I have ever driven through in my life.  It was easier to drive when it is still light than after dark.  I was never so glad to be home in my life! In the light, even though I could hardly see beyond the hood of the car, I could see the white line.  After dark, the lights blinded me so much I couldn't see anything.  I was glad the way home was a mostly straight road. 
Saturday, Jim and I drove to Grand Island to drop off a pickup that needs major repair.  The sad thing is that it needs this major repair (like the whole rear part of the engine) done every once in a while.  This is the third time.  He drove the pickup, I drove the car.  Then he looked at all the pickups in the lot and went to Harbor Freight to pick up some valves for the ... well, something, in the shop.
This is where I started the afghan. 

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