Saturday, February 18, 2017

Photo Overload

Warning!! This post has an over abundance of photos!!

We didn't really do a lot of things this week.  
Mostly we did a lot of things in one or two days of the week and just lived the rest.  
For some reason I was sluggish for most of the time.  It may or may not be because I haven't been walking or it may more certainly be that my dad has been in the hospital for two weeks.  
That is another story for another day. 

Sunday--a road trip kind of day with dinner (lunch to my children) and a visit to our son's new place. 
This is a pretty good photo of Jim and I, not so good of Paislee.  I heard somewhere, when you take family photos, use the ones that are good of the parents.  The kids will change.

Miss Paislee

Monday is always 'get as much done as I can' day since Tuesday and Wednesday are full of grandkids. This week Lorene didn't have class on Tuesday so I started a new knit afghan and binge knitted.  

Wednesday--Back in harness.  Barry got bubbles in his Valentine box so he was practicing his bubble blowing and catching skills. 

Thursday--I had the great honor of babysitting Paislee for a couple hours.  She played nicely for nearly an hour before she began to be uneasy.  Grabbing and chewing seems to be the most important feature of her life these days.  SHE picked the shoes over all the rest of the chew toys. 

She has an extremely unique way of hitching herself around.  With one leg back and one knee up, she gets around by lunging forward and sitting up again.  
She's just plumb cute!

I got out my box of toys and after giving each item the chew test, she enjoyed the box the most. 

Friday the boys didn't have school so we thought we would take them out to The Farm  for a few hours.  They got a bit tired of driving on the way there.
We went down to the creek by way of nearly vertical banks.  The ground was greasy with thawing ground underneath the leaves, and I slipped and sat down in a hurry.  Christian wasn't any too sure about this part and I helped him down, but I couldn't get him quite up the other side so Jim pulled us both up.  After walking in the weeds, Barry and Christian were dismayed to find themselves covered with those little tiny burrs.  So, we got most of them off and Christian was ready to call it a day. He did better while Jim carried him and then I fed him some lunch.  He felt better then and enjoyed playing with Charlie and my camera.  

Zane loves to use the saw.

When B and C get to laughing together I can't help but laugh, too.  This time the gatorade bottles fell off the tool box.  It's obviously a very funny thing for 3 and 5 year olds.  
On the way home those two discovered that Charlie liked graham crackers.  After the graham crackers were eaten by all three of them, they started feeding him goldfish crackers.  They would drop the goldfish in and they would laugh and laugh.  It sure kept them entertained all the long way home. When Jim cleaned out the pickup, there were an awful lot of goldfish on the floor.  

I wonder if their favorite thing was the long pickup ride all over the pasture, up and down the rolling hills, so they had to hang on tight to keep from tumbling around the the pickup box.  
Then a stop to dig a bit on the bank,

chase a few sticks,

get a photo courtesy of Zane, 

and we headed our muddy boots homeward.  
Brand new boots, broken in by a day at The Farm. 


Then we packed up and went to my folks for the rest of the weekend. 

P.S. Valentine's Day was this week. 

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Anita said...

That baby sure is a cutie! She's ahead of the game, seems to me.
And it is just so fantastic that those boys get to do stuff like that with you and Jim. I would not trade my rural childhood for anything.