Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cats and Babies Don't Mix

We've always been very lucky that our cats are tolerant of small humans. We've had cats on this place since Lynette was 1 and Jim is probably wishing we'd never started in the cat business. He doesn't like the smell and cats tend to multiply rapidly and without warning.

Nevertheless, the kids have enjoyed the myriad batches of kittens born in our garage and have loved them and played with them and mourned their disappearance and passing.

We decided a few years ago to put a limit on the number of cats we would support and decided NO MORE KITTENS WILL BE BORN ON THIS PLACE.

( I got tired of running over kittens with the van.)

Obviously the kids took that to mean that if they found kittens elsewhere we would take them in. Unfortunately to their father's dismay it did....

some of the time.

Our neighbors who like to keep cats in their horse barn are a great source of fresh kittens. At least I think that is where they come from. The arrive in our barn tame and ready to capture the ever so susceptible heart of Lynette who loves kittens and would keep all of them in her room if she was let.

This current kitten, who is now sharing the barn and food of Barn Kitty #1, was first carried to the house with her sister and the plaintive request to keep one in the house.






So, Lynette carried them up to the house several days while Jim was at work, but being gone a few days, that isn't happening anymore.

But, Zane loves that kitty, which Lynette named "hot tamale", molly for short, (we name most of our cats after food). And Jim loves Zane even more since Zane's favorite thing to do with this cat, is pick it up and throw it out the door.

Poor Kitty.
I am teaching Zane to be nice to it, though.
A special thanks to a very dear friend who took the sister kitty off our hands.


The J's said...

These pictures are hilarious! Kitty must be pretty tolerant--or learn to stay away!

gkey said...

dear KittenHeart,

These photos are some of my favorite so far...absolutely priceless! Zane's touzle (~n. A disheveled mass, as of hair.) [Middle English touselen, frequentative of -tusen, to pull about.] as per Houghton Mifflin New College Dictionary. Seems to describe his antics in regards to the kitten as well eh?

The sister/friend who is LOVING the sisterKitty...named Suzy