Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Laundry Monster

We had a seriously funny (oxymoron?) incident happen today. I was expecting a friend to come out this afternoon about 2, so about noon when I finally decided I should do something instead of sit on my fanny crocheting all day, I looked around to see what needed to be done so she could walk in the door.

My heart sank. It wasn't horrible, stuff just covered a larger area than usual, and I didn't feel like picking up. So, I did my usual, went into the bathroom to start there (the smallest room.) Unfortunately, saw my bed wasn't made so I went to do that first.

I ALWAYS make my bed as soon as I get out of it, but Lynette was in it this morning and if it isn't done within 10 minutes of my getting up, it doesn't get done until I walk in there again, which is usually time to go to bed, and my nicely made bed, ready to crawl into didn't happen.


But, it got made today, the dishwasher loaded and started, surfaces wiped, newspapers and toys picked up, and ta da!

The company couldn't come.

So, I started folding the clothes in the basket the last thing.

I was folding, and folding and making little piles, and not paying one bit of attention to what was going on around me, when it slowly seeped into my unconsciousness that things were disappearing off my piles.

And Zane was running around.

He'd run in, grab a small item, disappear out of the living room and come back laughing hysterically.

I began to get suspicious and called to Lynette sitting at the computer, where she could see into the hall, what he was doing. So, SHE, obviously paying no attention to Zane either, was astonished to see he was putting...


So, I chased him down and tried to put him to work putting dirty clothes down, but that didn't work nearly as well, as small, well, more personal items of clothing .

The scene of the crime.

While I was encouraging him to put my selection of clothes down the chute he picked up Lynette's jacket from her basket that is supposed to be downstairs and stuffed it down.

Grampa's t-shirt, ready to go.

I just hope I remember what was clean down there because I didn't go get it right away.
Partly because I was lazy, and partly because the papers came and I had to deliver them, and partly because my friend came, after all.


The J's said...

Dear lazy friend....
snicker, snort, laugh!
You write a great post :)
Sigh--he's such a little charmer tho, isn't he!!
Don't you just wish you could harness some of that energy for you? I sure need some lately! Mine evidently left. Wonder where it's hiding. Ugg!

gkey said...

dear Not so observant,
That laundry chute will be the one thing my kids will remember forever about your house. I don't know how many times over the years one or another of them have mentioned how cool it would be to have one like that!
Sounds like Zane was having a grand time till he got caught in the act red~handed.

my wash has to come down the slow,long(read:booring) way