Monday, June 21, 2010

100th Post

Dear Blog Readers,

This is my hundreth post. I can't believe it. It didn't take very long to get here. Sometimes I go a little overboard in posting several posts a week, but I just enjoy sharing my photos and writing so much. I enjoy looking at my little live feed thingy, and seeing people from all over watching my blog. I wish I knew who some of you people are.

So, having said all that, this really isn't a blog just for other people it is a blog for me. I enjoy the comments of others, and following other blogs just to see what people are doing. Real life is interesting, just the ordinary things that make up real life.

So, just for fun, I'm going to show a little ordinary life from several years ago.

This photo is the earliest of me I found in my quick search. I have plenty of pictures of me when I was a baby, after all, I was a first child. My sister is just a month old. In the trailer, on the brown couch, that we had so much fun with in every house we lived in, until we wore the poor thing out, and then we STILL used it until we got another brown couch after my grandma had a stroke.

I wonder where the watch came from?

This next we are still in the trailer, my sister is 14 mo old so I'm almost 3 1/2.

I like this picture, it shows the station wagon we had until 1973, our fenced in yard so kiddos couldn't get out, Mom's love of flowers, Dad's love of Iowa State? University? I don't know which one these little t-shirt and short outfits represents.

I see I've started already running around barefoot, which I did until I was grown up, and even then preferred running around barefoot except when I went to town or the garden. Now I can hardly stand to be without shoes. Shows what growing up can do. I assume my sister couldn't get her's off. Likely double tied, mom knew all the tricks. But, then, she was different than me, and sometimes, if I did something, or liked something, she didn't. That's sisters for you.

The other thing I know is that my sister is still in diapers. The cloth ones, when there wasn't any choice with rubber pants.

You can tell by the shape!!

I liked this next one, even though our neighbor friend is only half there. We look rather like "deer in the headlights", and we wore our dresses shorter then. Mom said "you girls looked like 'little girls', that way." This is the house we moved to in March of 1969 and where my folks live to this day. They hadn't decorated yet, the drapes are tan instead of green and you can get a glimpse of the beautiful wood floors they covered with 'hi/lo' green carpet. What WAS that stuff called? This was the '70's you know, and I don't think there was any other color BUT green. People didn't DO wood floors in those days, they raised up their kids on carpet, which was warmer.

I love this picture because we're still cute there, and I remember that footstool, we wore it out, and that pillow too, that is in the magazine rack. I wonder WHY it is in the magazine rack. But, a lot of things were out of place in our house. The hazards of having four children grow up in it, I suppose.

I'm assuming mom made these dresses, she made about everything we wore. Knee high socks were the norm for many years. They've only come back in the last three or so years. The high light of 'before school shopping' was going to the JC Penney's store downtown and buying new ones. At least that's the only thing I remember, Mom made all our dresses.
I'm 6 here, so Kristen is 4.

I don't remember the chair, however.

Now that this milestone is out of the way I can go on to bigger and better things. I'm glad you're coming along for the journey.


The J's said...

Wow, I can hardly believe you've already reached 100 either! and who cares how many posts a week you make--not me, it's just a fun journey.
Sure enjoyed the pictures, and Lynette looks like you in the last picture here.
Blogger isn't behaving very well for me lately, and my internet is giving me fits besides, so part time I can't get on to comment :(

Laura Jelinek said...

HAPPY 100TH!!! Way to go. Love reading your blog.

Raimie said...

Dear 100 Posts old,
Yay for you and your blog! We are loving being along for the journey. I can kinds see Lynette in that last picture.

Still in my 60's in NE

gkey said...

dear OVER 100 by now,
Too. much. FUN!
I love seeing old photos of 'real~life'.
The curlers in your hair. the watch. your smile as you look down at that new baby sister. The RED tail of the car, the RED in your matching shorty outfits, the RED flowers, and the RED sneakers you are wearing. Your blond hair and the 'look~of~Lynette'
RED, and all things OLD