Sunday, June 6, 2010

My Sister Turns 44 Today

Today is my sister's birthday. I would like to think that she would see this picture and see what a cute little fat creature she was.

I was thinking about her today, since I haven't seen her in years so I went looking in the old photos my Aunt Barb has been sending me and this one is the first one I came across. She is 9 months old here.

We lived in a trailer house then, as you can tell by looking at the walls.

I almost hesitate in telling what I remember about things way back then, since they aren't going to always match other people's memories. That is such a funny thing about remembering. An event is remembered differently from everyone else's point of view. Age, circumstance, significance, all make certain parts seem important, and some pieces may not be remembered at all.

We lived in the trailer house a couple of years. Until after my sister was born obviously. Of course, my dad will probably read this and give me more details. He is detail oriented, and he was older than I was then, so he remembers more things.

You can see what the folks entertained us that newspaper in the box? And that rocking chair is still around. I think they bought that when I was born.

And that pillow on the couch, very '60's. It was a good pillow to punch if I remember correctly. I wonder how long it lasted.


The J's said...

I think of her every now and then too & wonder what life has brought her way.
That's a cute photo of her.
I like your thoughts on remembering. So very true!

Gramma's Corner said...

Actually looking at this photo again, I see a dolly in the box, so apologies to my parents for my "oh how poor we were, we played with paper and box joke". We did love boxes, though, kids still do three generations later.

gkey said...

dear Remembering little sister on her birthday,

What a sweet little cherub she was in that picture. I love how a photo like this transcends years and situations, and helps you recall a memory of a more simple time in life.

Photos that stir memory and emotion are good for me too now and then.