Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

I'm tired. 

I'm tired now, I was tired this morning, and I'll be tired again tomorrow. 

This is a state of affairs shared with a select group of young people who are seeking fame and fortune out in the corn fields.

Well, fortune anyway.

Detasseling is seriously a horrible job.  Especially the first three days.  Then they get a little used to it.

They get up before 5 am in order to load a bus before 5:30.  They wash their clothes everyday, and go to bed at 7 pm.  They take water and gatorade and snacks and lunch that they are too hot and tired to eat. 

They get wet, muddy, hot, and tired. 

They lose their rows, scare each other in the field, and shout in the bus on the way home. 

But, they keep on going looking to the big check they will get at the end and the bonus of $200 for being out there every single day.

And they put on very muddy shoes for another very hard day of work. 

At least, Lynette does.  She perseveres.

And so do I, but I'll be really glad to sleep in until 6.


Faith said...

ooooh, that's some hard work. I've not done that specifically, but I did not like corn shucking time.

How long does the job last? Smart idea, giving the every day bonus of 200.


gkey said...

dear Persy,

Lets see, does this fall into the catagory of "hard~work~builds~character"?

Never went 'INTO THE CORN' but still believe in the theory

The J's said...

Good for her! I had too many allergies to do that, & my girls always had other jobs, but Derek did it 3 years. One here, & two in Iowa.