Friday, July 16, 2010

Learn About Colors

Zane loves books, he likes to cuddle up on my lap and we "read books". 

Mostly it consists of Zane turning several pages at a time and "mooing" at all the animals.  In vain, I try to convince Zane that other animals make different sounds, but I'm not having any luck. 

And we only use board books.  The thin pages don't have a chance.
He loves this book. He loves this book so much it is the first one he grabs from the book bin. He loves it so much the rest of us are getting tired of it.  He loves this book so much he wants to take it apart and I spend half of my life gluing in back together. The problem is those rainbows are loose enough to grab.  What were they thinking!?! We're talking toddlers here!

I wonder if laminating sticky would work. 

There are other critters in this book, and we spend plenty of time looking for the lady bugs.

Zane also likes to try to take the thick board pages apart and succeeds sometimes, too.

More gluing.

Zane loves this book so much I want to preserve it in a more "permanent" method.  I'm sure soon this book will be unreadable due to excessive loving.

And this last page has his next favorite thing to read about after cows.  A brrrmm, brrmmm.  Can you find it?

Cuddling up with a kid and a book is never wasted time. I'm so glad he loves books.  He loves cows too, but that is another story.

Which might not be written because it is summertime and my head is full of zucchini.


Raimie said...

Dear Zucchini Head,
What a kid... Keep up the good work, teaching him to love books. We'll watch for the cow story... you can get back to your veggies!
Peas Out The Ears in NE

gkey said...

dear Stuck together with Gramma and glue,

At least now you have the book documented here, no matter what happens to it.
Toddlers are rough on books, i remember going through rolls of bookmending tape at that age.

It IS worth a RIP

The J's said...

Oh yes! torn up books...I remember so well. My first one was particularly hard on them.
I still have a pile of them that I couldn't bear to throw away & never had the right tape to mend.