Tuesday, July 6, 2010

These Shoes are Made for Walking

Shoes are a major part of life in the culture we live in.  Although I spent 3/4 of my life  until I was 35 years old either not wearing them or wishing I wasn't, I wear them all the time now, ... 
much to my husbands relief, I might add. 
Since he is the kind of person that is never without shoes except in the bath or in bed, he doesn't really understand why some people might want to go without them. 
I wear them for two reasons. 

1. It keeps my feet softer and nicer looking.

2. My plantar warts don't grow as fast.
Oh, and number 3. I don't like to walk across my kitchen floor in bare feet anymore.

Guess why???

"three guesses and the first two don't count" as we used to say when young--ger.
ANYWAY,  Zane has to  wear shoes when he goes outside.  It isn't that running around in grass isn't lovely on bare feet, but he doesn't stay on the grass, he is on the gravel, the rocks, by the iron pile, in the garden, down by the barn, in the barn, in the sticker patch, on left out pieces of stick, in the flower garden, and in the shop. 
All in one outing.

So, I bought him some "crocs".  Easy on, easy off, easy washed.

Now, if you look closely at his feet, you will see he put them on the wrong feet.  So Lynette took a photo.

But, the main thing this whole blog is about, is that he can put shoes on all by himself.  No help.  Not only that but today with one shoe on the right foot, as he and I are ready to go weed in the flower garden, I said, "You need your other shoe, it is by the computer."  And he runs over there, puts it on, and out the door we go. 

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gkey said...

dear Feet shod and ready,

Zane is growing up by leaps and bounds, he really does need his shoes on for the journey!

I prefered to be a no~shoes girl growing up, at least in Summer, and then a "barefoot & pregnant" girl most of my married life....until the last several years.
Now, esp. in the country, it is WISE to wear SHOES of some sort at least. So i have to listen~up too when i am telling kids to get them on.
DIDN'T listen the other night, and stubbed my bare toe