Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Last Shirt

I like to iron.

I learned how to iron when I was about 8, ironing my dad's handkerchiefs.  And it WAS ironing.  Mom had several things dampened and rolled up in a heavy plastic bag ready to be laid out on the ironing board and IRONED.  (not pressed)

This was in the days before my mom had a steam iron, thus the dampening.

I remember just how I did it too.  I would lay out the entire hanky, unfolded and iron one side.  Then I would fold it in half and iron both sides.  And lastly, I folded it in half again and ironed both sides.  And it was done, a nice warm, oh so unwrinkly looking hanky, ready for my dad. 

It was one of my jobs. 

I soon graduated into ironing lots of things.  And if by chance I ironed a wrinkle into something we had a nice little sprinkler top on a pop bottle to dampen the spot and iron it again.

That was the days before spray bottles

Well, not really. I researched that one. But, I did find out that the pump style sprays didn't appear until the '60s.

Ironing made me feel so good, I've never minded it.  It must be because I've done so much of it, it isn't mind using work.  It 's especially good on cold winter days.  That may be why I would save all mine until then. 

I mean, I like to iron, just not everyday.

My specialty was men's shirts and I did all my dad's.  There is a right way to do them according to my mom. And I learned her way.  It's a good way.

How to Iron a Dress Shirt

I always iron the sleeves and collar first.  Doing them last can mess up the rest of the shirt.

Next, the yoke in the back,

before ironing the front.

I always liked men's shirts best because I got the button side out of the way first.  It's trickier.

Starting on the back.

Make sure to get under the arm holes.

Last front.

All Done!

Since this nicely ironed or rather pressed shirt, Zane knocked my iron off the ironing board for the third time and this time it didn't make it. So, I'm not going to be ironing for a while. 

This was it's last job.


Lynisha said...

I'm afraid that Ironing is going the way of bread making and quilting... a lost art!

I really don't mind ironing - at all! (although it WOULD be easier to iron if my ironing board wasn't constantly covered in STUFF!)
And while I do enjoy the convenience of "Wrinkle Release", there are just some things that you NEED to iron!

I always start with the sleeves too... I never knew why though.

And I got my ironing debut at age 11. I was in Phoenix visiting a certain Aunt who must not have liked ironing because she had a HUGE pile of it. I bargained with her and she agreed to pay me $0.25 per item (or something like that.) Anyway, I ended up making a nice amount of money off of it!

The J's said...

I remember when Mom first let me start ironing handkerchiefs...I think I was about 5. I could see the scar on the top of my hand I got for many years. It's finally disappeared now.
Ironing was one of my jobs for many years at home too, & Mom taught me just how. We always had an ironing basket, Mom never liked dampening the stuff--we always used a spray bottle.
I iron very little now--but I've never really minded it. Like Lynisha said, some things just need it!

Gramma's Corner said...

My sister had a scar on her hand for years. The story was I knocked the iron over on to her, I don't remember so it must have been before I started ironing.

Raimie said...

Dear Hot Iron,
I rarely iron. My life is blessed with Wrinkle Release... I give thanks daily! I really don't mind it... it just requires time, planning and patience... all of which I am short on!

I think my mom taught me to iron too... I must have been pretty young because I don't remember. Ironing is a very satisfying task, I should take time more often.

Hiding The Wrinkles in NE

gkey said...

dear Tricks of the Trade,

I remember before i even was 5 thinking mom should let me iron too. And even having to sit up on the high stool to be able to reach. I know she wa terribly worried i would get burned. The whole process with the spraybottle and all seemed so enchanting to me.

Until the arrival of wrinkle release, ironing has always been a big part of my caring for clothes. P. almost always still likes to iron his mtg shirt Sun. a.m. (unless i do it) but other than that, it is a rare thing to have to iron anymore.

the ease of getting ready for conv. now