Friday, July 2, 2010

Gramma and Boy

Today Zane learned something new.  He learns something everyday and if we take the time to pay attention, we know what they are. He learns a new word everyday and is starting to put of couple of ideas together at a time.

I have been trying to teach him to NOT pull the piano key cover onto Lynette's hands when she is playing. If Lynette is playing, I have to spend all my time pulling him off the piano bench, since the only time he wants to be there is when Lynette is and it is very hard to practice with a cute little boy on your lap. 

All of you out there each with your own views on child rearing, I want to remind you that every child is different.  And lest you think my methods are not very useful, may I remind how does that saying go....

"Walk a mile in my moccasins, and you will know my journey"--from a Cherokee blogsite

And be really glad you aren't raising up this one unless you have lots of time and gets lots of sleep.

I mean seriously, I did this once.  I already had a kid who discipline, talking to, punishment, etc, just seemed to roll off her back and not sink in at all.  It just doesn't seem to make sense.  So today when he pulled the cover of the piano keys onto his fingers and came to me crying, I have not shut the lid to prevent this from happening. 

On the contary, he actually may have learned sometime, as a little later when we were near the piano, he pointed at the lid, said "owie, owie" and with gestures and facial expressions, and gabble, he made it quite clear that he understood what hurt him that time.


The J's said...

Shared wisdom, hints, tips, suggestions are all good in their place--but you are so right--each kid is different, & each situation is different!

Been there done that, still doing it, & hasn't ended yet!

gkey said...

dear No 2 alike,

Yep, you said it right.

every child is unique = unique methods required