Sunday, January 8, 2012

Barry-4 months

Four months ago we first met this adorable Barry as a brand new infant.  One, who at a couple hours old was lifting his head off his mother's shoulder.  Now at 4 months, he is reaching and grabbing and watching.  He is trying to sit up in his car seat.  He is laughing now, and loves, loves to be talked to.  He also likes to be held upright, facing out, and walked around.  I get tired of that, he's so heavy.  I put him to sleep in the little umbrella stroller part of the time.  
He weighs 15# 9 oz. and is 24" long, which means he's 50% height, 75% weight, just about opposite of big brother Zane. 

Now, Zane is three.  I am beginning to understand him when he talks on the phone.  He has some of the funniest words.  He eats with a "stork", plays with "balloonins", sleeps with his "kiki", and probably has any number of cute other words, that of course, I can't remember right now, because he isn't here.  And if he was here, I wouldn't be blogging anyway, because he would either wanting me to build a train track for him or play a computer game, neither of which are conducive to blogging.  Of course, if I have Zane I also have Barry, who sobs like I've been sticking pins into him after about 2 minutes of playing by himself, and blogging doesn't work well with that either, since I'm standing up.   

But, they sure are cute, aren't they.


The J's said...

Yes, they are both very cute--and this last picture of Zane is....well, just adorable!!

Dan & Cyndie said...

aw, yes they are so cute!!!!

Renee said...