Saturday, January 28, 2012

Simple Pleasures

I'm having a hard time thinking of titles lately, maybe I'll just have to start reusing them.  I have some pictures of my Barry Boy that are just too cute not to share.  

This sleeper was given to Zane when he was a baby from my brother.  He gave a toddler sized sleeper that the girls wore until the couldn't fit in it anymore and the buttons fell off.  They loved it.  They loved it because it was bright and colorful and they loved it because it came from Uncle Tim.  I love it because it has a zipper, which are so much easier to deal with than snaps.

I haven't had a baby in my bed for 16 years.  Although, I guess I've had baby pictures in my bed a couple of years ago.  

I love my sweetie baby in my old crib, which was his mama's old crib, which was my dad's new crib.

And.....We can't forget my Zaney Boy.  He loves, loves, loves to be outside, and his Grampa is so good to take him in his big boy coveralls, out to play help in the snow.  

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