Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lynette's Kittens

I'm sorting my photos, on the computer, I had a scare the other day when the power source went out in the hard drive and I had a bad feeling....what about all those photos that are saved no where else but on the computer.  However, the whole process causes more anxiety than comfort, partly because I don't have time to do it and after a protracted session, I came up for air, grumpy, anxious, and no fun to be around.  I got 2009 sorted. I deleted the bad ones, the doubles, and saved it on two separate flash drives.  

While I was enjoying some flashes of the past, I came  across these cute little pictures that Lynette took way back then. Kittens are just plumb cute, even though we have way too many cats around here. I like these better than the real thing. 

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